Cutting-edge system for the installation and maintenance of Wind Turbine!!

As the global demand for electricity increases, wind power generation significantly plays important role as renewable energy lowering green gas emissions. For the construction of wind farm, large crane is normally used at the site as a conventional method for the installation of wind turbines. However, the use of large crane will cost too much or be limited depending on site or weather conditions. For example, road maintenance will be required where access roads are too narrow to transport large crane and the operation of crane has to be stopped when wind speed exceeds 10m/sec in general.

Wind turbine lift-up system (hereafter called "WL system") has been developed to provide the best solution to such problems. Once wind turbine component is mounted on WL system, it can be lifted up in a stable manner for the installation even under strong wind condition. Since WL can provide workers with platform and lift at the top of wind turbine, they can do the maintenance of nacelle there without unloading the nacelle to the ground. Also, since WL system can be transported to the site by 10t trucks, road maintenance or ground leveling at the site is not required.

Compared with crane method, the advantageous points of WL system are as follows;

  • A big crawler crane is not required at the site (Procurement cost can be decreased eventually.)!!
  • Wind turbines can be constructed even in a narrow space!!
  • Allowable working time can be extended because WL system is less affected by wind than conventional cranes!!
  • Stable working space can be secured at a high position of the tower!!

Installation steps of Wind Lift-up System

Step 1

Set up WL system components aroud the 1st tower unit

Step 2

Set up the 2nd tower unit at the lifting-up device of WL system

Step 3

Lift the 2nd tower up

Step 4

Increase of the height of WL system by adding another guide frame to prepare the installation of the 3rd tower unit and set it up

Step 5

After the installation of the 3rd tower unit, lift up the nacelle

Step 6

Slide the nacelle horizontally on the top position of tower

Step 7

After mounting the nacelle, assemble the rotor(hub and blades) on the lift-up device

Step 8

Hang the rotor by crane attached with gate frame

Step 9

While lifting up the rotor, it is caused stand

Step 10

The rotor is caused stand from horizontal position to vertical position

Step 11

Slide the rotor horizontally and mount it to nacelle on the top position of tower

Step 12

Dismantle the components of WL system

Moving image of Wind Lift-up System

Overview of the latest project

Our Wind Lift-up System has been adopted for wind turbine project at Akita prefecture, Japan in May, 2017.
The details of wind turbine are as follows.
The capacity of wind turbine : 2MW
Tower height : 76m
We, Tomoe giken Ltd. and Obayashi, have co-developed a new technology by which hub and blades are mounted and assembled on the lift-up device which the height is 13m from ground level. While lift-up device is lifting up, hub with blades (rotor) is caused stand from horizontal position to vertical position.


20th National Technology Development Award
Awarded for Excellence Award
Large wind turbine assembly lift-up method
Awarded for Technology Award by Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Award by Japan Construction Machinery and Construction Association
Awarded for Division Selection Committee Award
New Energy Award
Awarded by the Agency for National Resources and Energy
Engineering Merit Award and Encouragement Special Award
Awarded for Engineering Merit Award.


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